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Tekkaman is a Space Knight that fights for justice. He protects Earth from the Waldasters with his fellow Space Knights. He is extremely powerful with the Tek Set and always goes into battle with Pegas and his Space Lance.


Tekkaman is invincible with the Tek Set and literally cannot die, unless he himself attacks himself, or if he does not turn back to his normal mode in 37 minutes and 33 seconds after transforming. He was shown to outstand extremely high and low temperatures with relative ease-he has even outstanding temperatures that are hotter than the surface of the sun. He literally has no practical weakness as it was shown in the series-immune to physical, energy, high temperature, radiation and attacks in various other forms. Space debris and even bullets that fly in great speed-which are extremely dangerous-simply gets deflected when come into contact with Tekkaman’s armor. It is said that Tekkaman's physical capabilities are approximatly 10000 times stronger than a normal adult man, though in the show it seems like he is even more powerful. He was shown to be capable of pulling huge Space ships with his strength and in some cases, swing them after catching them with his Space Lariat. Tekkaman's attack skills include throwing and slashing with his Tek lancer, catching and pulling enemies with his Space lariat, and lastly, the mighty Voltekka.


Tekkaman the Space Knight (1975)

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Tatsunoko vs Capcom-Ultimate all stars-appears with Tekkaman Blade