Shinya Aiba (known as Cain Carter in the English dub) or Tekkaman Evil (Sabre in the English dub) is a major antagonist in the Tekkaman Blade series, as well as the main hero's twin brother. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu in the Japanese version and by Paul Schrier in the English dub.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shinya looks almost identical to Takaya, with oval-shaped face, black hair and muscular build. However, his skin tone appears to be slightly lighter than his brother's. Also, his eyes are red because of a Radam mind parasite implanted into him. Oddly enough, his hair is blond instead of black in the last two episodes of the series, as well as the subsequent OVAs.

Outfit Edit

Shinya's outfit consists of a celadon shirt with a brown jacket worn over it and a pair of indigo jeans.